Oculus VR owners can now watch Vudu 3D movies on Quest headsets

Fandango's Vudu streaming service is now available to Oculus owners, assuming you have a Quest headset. The platform allows customers to rent and buy digital movies, then watch them on a variety of devices — and the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 are now counted among them. This is particularly good news for headset owners who enjoy 3D movies.

Vudu, the company Fandango acquired from Walmart, offers a mix of content, some of it free and others paid. The platform is a major one among those who prefer to purchase digital movies rather than watch them on streaming services. Of particular note, Vudu offers a few hundred 3D movie titles.

Quite obviously, streaming 3D movies on a virtual reality headset will provide the same sort of immersive experience one gets when watching 3D movies in theaters, though not quite with the same quality level. Regardless, watching content on VR headsets provides a private, relaxing experience in one's own personal theater.

Vudu is one of a slowly growing number of services that offer Oculus headset support, others of which include Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube. The Oculus Quest headsets also support casting content using a Chromecast for other entertainment needs.

As for Vudu, the company says that it has more than 200,000 titles, including ones with 4K UHD and Dolby Vision support. Users who want to experience the novelty of watching movies on a virtual reality headset without spending money for content can find free offerings under the app's "Free" section.