Oculus now lets you request refunds on Rift and Gear VR games

Oculus is spending the day rolling out a big quality of life improvement to both the Rift and the Gear VR. The company took the time today to reflect on some of the big changes its made to both headsets over the course of the summer, but it seems it's saved the best for last: refunds. After testing a refund option in the UK, Oculus is ready to roll it out on a larger scale.

In a new blog post today, Oculus explains the rules for this new automated refund program. On the Rift, you'll have 14 days after the date of purchase to request a refund, assuming you've used the game or app in question for less than two hours. This mirrors the rules that Steam has in place for refunds, so those of who already game on PC using Steam as your platform will be familiar with it.

When we jump over to Gear VR, things get a little more strict. You'll only have three days to request a refund, and total playtime needs to clock in at less than 30 minutes. It's worth noting that not all apps available for the Gear VR and Rift will be eligible for refunds in the first place, though Oculus says most of them will be.

Items that aren't eligible for refunds includes movies, bundles, and games or apps purchased as part of a bundle. The same applies to content that has been downloaded or purchased from within an app, but those seem to be fairly standard exceptions. Other that those, it seems that everything else is fair game, so long as you meet the other requirements for a refund. To request a refund, you simply need to head to your Purchase History page in the Oculus Store.

Refunds are joining a rather extensive group of features Oculus has been launching over the summer, from public test channels to Oculus Parties. The company promises that more quality of life updates will be coming up in the months ahead, so we'll be keeping an eye out for news of those.