Ocean Empire Super Yacht is Self-Sustainable, Costs $17 Million

$17 million for a self-sustainable super yacht may seem like a steal to some people. But, as many yachts have proven in the past, it's all about the features on board that make the price make more sense. For the Ocean Empire, being called the first-ever zero carbon life support vessel isn't good enough. No, the designers wanted to make sure that there's plenty of eco-friendly elements, along with plenty of room for people to live their day-to-day lives on board.

The Ocean Empire has 4,305 square feet of solar panels installed on its frame. There are large areas of the ship that have been labeled "fishing accommodations." And, a pair of hydroponic farms. The solar panels are capable of capture somewhere near 70 kW of power, while the 861 square-foot skysail is able to grab another 200 kW of power on its own.

However, that's not all. The designers also included a Motion Damping Regeneration system, which will make sure that the super yacht doesn't capsize in rough waters. The system is also capable of pulling down another 50 kW of power in its own right. If you find yourself on the Ocean Empire at some point in the future, it looks like you won't ever have to worry about running out of power, as there's plenty of different ways the ship will attain it, and then provide it.

[via DVICE]