Occasional Gamer Dev app stats out two unknown Windows Phone devices

Geeks that run their own websites know that most of the metrics packages out there that operate on servers to track your visitor data. Metrics software can also grab the device name of the connected gadgets that have a developers games installed. Occasional Gamer Dev Elbert Perez has a stats page that grabs the device ID of the Windows Phone devices that are running his game apps.

The stats page recently nabbed two devices that are new and made their first appearance on the tracking list. The two IDs in question are the Acer M310 and the Nokia 800. Neither of those devices are items we are familiar with. The thought is that the Nokia 800 may be the official name of the Sea Ray handset running Mango.

The Acer device is a mystery. Odds are it's some sort of new smartphone from Acer and it is apparently not the Acer W4 that has been announced before. With Mango finally ready to come to market, the number of new Windows Phone 7 devices will grow significantly in the coming months so presumably we will end the mystery in the next few months.

[via WMPoweruser]