Obama "oPhone" for the most patriotic people, in Kenya!

For those of you overly patriotic people who simply cannot show enough pride for you country and would like to have President Obama's babies, they now have a phone for you. The only problem with this phone is that it is a very cheap handset that is available in Kenya.

This phone may not be the best, in fact its probably one of the cheapest working novelty phones ever. There is a big Obama logo on the back that is sure to catch the eye of people passing while you're on a phone call. Other Obama "markings" include a distinctive Obama "O" on the main selection button and a very classy color scheme.

Getting a hold of this in the US may not be too easy as its available in Kenya through the mobile carrier miPhone. With Barack's heritage he has become hugely popular there. Watch for it on eBay, as it should be a hot little item.