O2 updates Dell Streak to Android 2.1

Geeks in the UK that bought the Dell Streak on the O2 network have a new Android update that can be added to the device. The new update takes the Streak to Android 2.1. There are a few steps that you need to take before applying the update, lest you lose all your data.

O2 points out that any data not stored on an SD card will be erased during the update. Apps will have to be downloaded again from the Downloads tab in the Android Market says O2. The carrier also suggests downloading an app for the Android Market that can back up your SMS messages, contacts and other important items on the phone.

The update can be started manually via settings, about phone, system update on the Streak. The first page of the update process reminds again that data will be deleted with the update. Once the update is downloaded, the user will be promoted to start the install, which takes about 15 minutes.