NZXT Launches HALE90 line of PC power supplies

We are mostly familiar with NZXT from its line of cool computer cases like the Phantom that was unveiled recently. That's not all the company is about though and it has expanded offerings with a new series of power supplies called the HALE90 family.

The HALE90 line of PSUs are available in multiple power ratings. The largest is a 1000W unit and the smallest is a 550W unit. Between those two are PSUs rated for 650W, 750W, and 850W. All of those PSUs are 80 Plus Gold certified for efficiency.

The small 550W PSU has a standard design, but all of the other units in the line are modular designs. The modular design means that you can use only the cables you need eliminating clutter inside your PC. All of the PSUs also sport a single +12V rail and will fit inside typical ATX cases.