NZXT launches awesome Sentry LX fan controller

Are you one of those gamers that loves to tweak every setting of your PC, right down to the fan speed? It's understandable really, if you have your fans running too low there's a risk of overheating your system. On the other hand, if they are running too high, your PC creates more noise than is necessary. NZXT has come out with the perfect solution for you with their Sentry LX fan controller.

This is seriously one of the most bad-ass fan controllers that I've seen. It takes up two of your available 5.25-inch drive bays, and features 5 temperature probes and 5 fan controllers. You can set it to automatically adjust fan speeds according to the temperature in the case, or adjust the fans manually. It also will notify you if your system gets hotter than you would like it to be.

This one definitely has it all. Looks, features and even the price is right. At $59.99, it looks to be a great addition to any gaming rig. Look for this to ship sometime this month.