NZXT bunker locks down your USB gear

NZXT has all sorts of computer gear and accessories. The company makes some of the cooler computer cases on the market and has a wide range of accessories for computer DIY types as well. The latest accessory from the company is the new Bunker USB Locking Device. This little device helps prevent your USB gear from being stolen at a LAN party or from a public computer.

The Bunker has four USN ports under a locking mesh lid. The idea is that you can plug in your mouse and keyboard and other gear using these ports and route the cables so that the peripherals can't simply get unplugged and walk about the door with a thief.

The device fits into a vacant 5.25-inch drive bay and has four USB ports inside. It opens with one of those weird looking round keys that a vending machine uses. Pricing for the Bunker is unknown at this time.