Nyko PlayPad and PlayPad Pro Android game controllers now available

If you're a mobile gamer who likes the Android platform for gaming on the go, Nyko has announced availability for two Android gaming controllers. Both devices are available at multiple locations, including Amazon, GameStop, Walmart, and online. The devices include the PlayPad and the PlayPad Pro.

The PlayPad is a travel sized wireless Bluetooth controller that features a specialized tablet or smartphone stand and carry case. The controller is designed to work with many of the Android games available on the market today. The control pad has analog sliders, shoulder triggers, four action buttons, and a d-pad.

The PlayPad will work with any device running Android 3.0 or higher than features Bluetooth. The controller also works with Nyko's free Android app called Playground allowing for backwards compatibility with the controller for legacy tablet games. The other controller is called the PlayPad Pro.

This is a larger and bulkier controller that looks like a console controller. It is a full-size wireless Bluetooth controller designed to work with many of the Android games available right now. The idea with this larger controller is that gamers can plug their tablet or smartphone into a TV for larger screen and then use this controller from across the room to play. It has a d-pad, dual joystick sliders, four action buttons, and shoulder buttons. Pricing for the controllers is $39.99 for either version.