Nyco's Cord-Free Wireless Adapter for Wii now more affordable

Using your Wii controller with the wires attached can be a bit cumbersome. Now Gamestop and Amazon have cut the price of the Nyko cord-free wireless adapter making it easier for you to go wire free with your Wii.With the price cut you can now go wireless for just $9.99 per controller.

Nyko's Cord-Free Wireless Adapter for Wii is exactly what it claims to be, a wireless adapter for your Wii remote and nunchuk. You attach one end of the device to your controller, another to your Wii and you're ready to play.

The device runs on AAA batteries and reportedly runs through a lot of them, so you'll have the added expense of batteries, but of course with added pleasure of wireless gameplay.

[via NintendoWiiFanboy]