NYC to launch parking meter mobile payment app

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 5, 2016
NYC to launch parking meter mobile payment app

By the end of 2016, all parking meters in New York City will support an upcoming mobile payment app, a project we’ve heard mention of in the recent past. There are 85,000 metered parking spots scattered throughout NYC, and according to Mayor de Blasio’s recent State of the City speech, they’ll be payable through the app remotely, meaning you’ll no longer have to visit the spot to make a payment.

The system will be very easy to use, at least per the description given. Users will download the app and enter their car’s license plate number and their payment card info (eg, credit card details). From there, simply find a place to park, pull up the app, and enter the meter’s number. Tap to pay.

If you end up being gone longer than expected, you’ll be able to fire up the app from anywhere and make another payment, extending the time without having to physically head back to your car. The system has already been undergoing testing with a little more than 300 meters, so hopefully the full rollout will go without trouble.

As far as enforcement goes, the New York Police Department will get tablets that show the list of license plates paid for at the meters. To check a parking spot, the officer would use the chart to compare the license plate number with the meter number.

SOURCE: NY Daily News

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