NYC Student 1st In Line For iPad 2, Sells Spot For $900

College students are known to be strapped for cash, but one student in NYC figured out how to turn the iPad 2 hype into some quick funds and get a little adventure while doing it. Amanda Foote camped out at the Apple store for a couple days and sold her spot for a cool $900. What does she plan to do with the extra money? Treat herself to some Lady GaGa concert tickets.

The enterprising Manhattan Community College student started camping out on Wednesday at 5 PM and waited 41 hours until she gave up her spot on Friday at 9 AM. She sold her spot to Hazem Sayed, an app developer who has leaving for a business trip Friday night and wanted the new tablet. Foote slept a total of 3 hours and 10 minutes over the two nights and dealt with a donut thief who decided to help himself to her box of donuts.

Foote said she waited in line for the express intent of selling the spot to someone else, an idea she had earlier last summer when Apple's iPhone 4 came out. She received an earlier offer of $600 in her first hour of waiting, but opted to hold out for a higher offer. Were any of you waiting in lines today? See anybody sell their spots like this lady did?

[via Mashable]