NVIDIA teases big event: This is what we think is on the menu

It looks like NVIDIA is gearing up to make some kind of big announcement. Today, the company published a very vague teaser to its Twitter account in which it seems to be building anticipation for an announcement that's three weeks away. Obviously, without more information it's difficult to say for sure, but this could be the GeForce 3000-series announcement PC hardware enthusiasts have been expecting for some time now.

If you're looking for solid details, though, you won't get them here. The teaser NVIDIA published today amounts to nothing more than a very brief video clip that seems to depict the Big Bang (or something like it). There aren't any dates shown in the video, and the accompanying tweet merely shows an ellipsis followed by the hashtag "UltimateCountdown."

So, NVIDIA's teaser is basically no help when it comes to figuring out what this is announcement is about. It's worth pointing out that NVIDIA's Twitter account has been updated in various places to reference this tease. For instance, its Twitter description says "Look back before looking forward," followed by the same "UltimateCountdown" hashtag we saw in the tweet.

NVIDIA's new Twitter banner is where things get particularly interesting, though. It shows the same hashtag yet again, but this time, we also see the text "21 days. 21 years." That seems to suggest NVIDIA's announcement will be happening in 21 days, on August 31st. It's also probably a reference to the GeForce 256, the first GeForce-branded graphics card NVIDIA ever released. That card launched on August 31st, 1999 – almost 21 years ago.

So, given the Big Bang theme and the tagline, it looks like NVIDIA's announcement will offer some kind of call back to the early days of the GeForce brand. If you're been waiting for GeForce to announce these 3000-series cards, it looks like that might soon be happening, but we'll probably learn more as we get closer to August 31st. Stay tuned.