NVIDIA shows off IE9 on Ion Netbook

NVIDIA has been touting the benefits of its Ion GPU in netbooks for a long time now. At this point I think that most of us understand how much better a notebook runs and how much more you can do with one if you are using a machine that has a GPU inside like Ion.NVIDIA has a new video that it has tossed up over on YouTube. The video shows some of the green geeks playing with a couple notebooks running IE9. IE9 is optimized from the ground up to take advantage of a GPU for making things faster and smoother.

To illustrate the point in the video NVIDIA takes a pair of netbooks with one sporting next generation Ion and the other not. They run the machines side by side with IE9 installed and try to play a generic Asteroids style game. The non Ion machine lacks up and is slow while the Ion machine is fast and smooth. It's a fairly impressive video.