NVIDIA ships out beta Open GL 3.0 drivers

Emily Price - Aug 15, 2008
NVIDIA ships out beta Open GL 3.0 drivers

NVIDIA has begun shipping out beta Open GL 3.0 graphics drivers. NVIDIA has played a huge role in creating the API for the 3D graphics drivers which got a major library reworking with this release. The beta version is designed to give software developers a look at the new drivers so they can better create software that uses 3.0 to its full potential.

The beta Open GL 3.0 code works on both laptop and desktops and supports GeForce 8000 series cards. The Open GL specification for cards “provides software developers a broad set of programmable 3D and 2D graphics rendering, visualization, and hardware acceleration functions, allowing a program to run on a wide variety of hardware platforms.”

Barthold Lichtenbelt, the manager of Core OpenGL Software ar NVIDIA and the chair of the OpenGL working group at Khronos said “OpenGL 3.0 will be a first-class API on both GeForce and Quadro boards. Shipping drivers two days after this new specification is released demonstrates our strong commitment to the OpenGL developer community and our partners who rely on the standard.”

Download the drivers for free here.

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