Nvidia Project Boulder tipped

It's not uncommon for manufacturers in the technology industry to have secret projects in the works. For many things in the technology world secrecy is very important. One secret project that Nvidia is said to be working on is called Project Boulder.

Bright Side of News (BSN) reports that one of its sources claiming to know about Project Boulder says that the project represents Nvidia's "claim to fame" in the server environment. Project Boulder focuses on high-performance and doesn't care about miserly power consumption as much is it cares about sucking in the all power it needs to operate as quickly as possible. According to reports, Project Boulder is expected to be a new multiple core SoC.

BSN reports that Project Boulder is expected to result in an 8-16 core SoC with a high-bandwidth interconnect. The product is also expected that use high-bandwidth memory along the lines of DDR4. Interestingly, Nvidia and Fusion-io recently started working together on an effort to expand the ability of GPUs and SoCs to address memory directly with a component called ioFX, so the SoC could be paired with more memory than we are used to seeing in similar products.

It's certainly worth noting that there are no official details of Project Boulder out there right now. That means that the source cited by BSN could be leading us all astray, and we would have no way to know that. Nvidia has been big on using its GPUs for computing for a while now, so a move into the server space with a new product would be no surprise.

[via Bright Side of News