NVIDIA PhysX SDK is coming to the Wii, too

So it feels like NVIDIA just got done announcing that their PhysX tech was going to be making an appearance on the PlayStation 3, but now there's even more news to report. In fact, the PhysX SDK will actually be available for the Wii as well.

This is interesting, to say the least. Sure, the PS3 is considerably more powerful than the Wii, but Wii developers are crafty folks. Plus, the Wiimote has a lot of functionality built in, which leaves the door open for numerous opportunities when this latest SDK is added to the mix.

In the end we'll just have to see where this goes and what sort of cool effects will come of it. The PhysX SDK includes an API and physics engine which is engineered to provide developers with greater control over interactions with the game environment and makes it possible to create scalable physics as you go. This is a perfect match for the Wii, and while the PS3 packs serious power, nothing comes close to the physics of the Wiimote. This might just take it to the next level.

[via HotHardware]