NVIDIA GeForce NOW will soon be streaming to Android TVs

Game streaming news continues to flow especially during these days when the console hardware market seems to be waiting with bated breath for the next big thing. The promise of universal gaming is strong but its current implementations are not that convincing since you're limited by what devices or specific models are officially supported. NVIDIA might be preparing to expand the coverage of GeForce NOW that could give it an ironic advantage over Stadia on Google's own turf.

GeForce NOW was already running even before Google Stadia launched, albeit in beta. Even back then, it already supported PCs and Macs, Android phones, and its own Android TV SHIELD devices. The irony of the latter is that the service doesn't support Android TV devices in general but that might soon be changing, though at a still unknown time in the future.

NVIDIA has apparently just announced that LG U+'s new UHD3 Android TV set-top box can run its GeForce NOW app. It also said that it would eventually expand support to a select number of Android TV devices. The only problem, however, is that it hasn't said anything else beyond that, leaving many to wonder when that time will come.

If it happens soon, however, GeForce NOW would become available on one class of devices that Stadia still isn't on. Google's own game streaming service actually has a very limited range of support for devices outside of Chromecast, Chrome browser, and a number of Android devices. Add the limited regional availability, it almost seems like NVIDIA has the upper hand.

The graphics tech giant has been scrambling to repair the PR damage that was done when major publishers walked out on it after launching publicly. It has, since then, added more games to its collection, perhaps faster than Google could. Partnering with Valve and Epic Games could also help boost not just its list of titles but also its reputation as these two companies start gearing up for a game streaming showdown.