NVIDIA GeForce Now makes a major change to its streaming rules

Ever since launching earlier in the year, NVIDIA GeForce Now has seen a number of developers remove their games from the streaming service. GeForce Now isn't like a traditional streaming service where users pay a monthly fee and then can stream any number of games available through GeForce Now as much as they want – instead, users need to already own the games they want to stream.

It was somewhat surprising, then, to see some major publishers remove their games from GeForce Now. Over the past several months, a number of major developers have decided to walk away from GeForce Now, including Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, and 2K Games. As a result, NVIDIA has decided to make some drastic changes to its policies regarding which games are accessible through GeForce Now.

In a new blog post, NVIDIA announced that even though more than 200 developers have committed to supporting the service, it will now only host games if their developers have opted in. Games that haven't opted in to the service by May 31st will be removed from GeForce Now.

The company also shared a link to several lists – one that shows the titles that have opted in as of May 27th, another that shows the developers that have opted in, and a final one that shows the games that will no longer be available come May 31st. The list of games leaving the service is much shorter than the list of games that have opted in, but with around 90 games leaving in all, it's still a fairly significant loss for GeForce Now.

Keep in mind that the list could shrink as we get closer to May 31st, assuming that more developers decide to opt in and leave their games on GeForce Now. As it stands, though, there are some fairly big names slated to leave the service, including Tabletop Simulator, Project CARS 2, several Football Manager games, and some popular indie titles like Celeste and Darkest Dungeon. We'll see if more developers decide to stay, but for now, it seems that a lot of games will lose support for GeForce Now this weekend.