NVIDIA GeForce NOW adds an MMO and welcomes back old friends

You have to give NVIDIA some credit for making good on its promise a few months back. After what was an almost disastrous public launch, the graphics tech giant promised it would expand its game streaming catalog every week. It has indeed done so and while not all new titles are noteworthy, there are a few that could make the service look more interesting. Not only that, it seems to have actually recovered from its fall and is now seeing some games coming back to its fold.

A game streaming service naturally requires you to be online to use it. So do massively multiplayer online games or MMOs. The two, then, are an almost perfect combination, especially when you won't have to worry about installing a massive massively multiplayer online game on your already cramped hard drive.

Although not exactly a household name like WoW or Final Fantasy XIV, Black Desert Online is one of the few remaining MMORPGs still successfully operating today. But if you're more into using your wits to create odd machines and contraptions to survive, Scrap Mechanic's smaller online multiplayer worlds might be more to your taste.

NVIDIA has switched its offer to developers and publishers into an opt-in strategy and it seems to have had a positive effect. Studios like Square Enix have started returning with a selection of their titles and some indie treats like Cultist Simulator have rejoined the list as well.

Although neither new nor returning, Apex Legends is receiving some special treatment on GeForce NOW this week. As a new addition to NVIDIA Highlights, players can expect to see important moments in the game to be automatically captured and recorded thanks to NVIDIA's smart pattern and image recognition technologies.