NVIDIA GeForce NOW 2.0.27 adds beta support for Chrome browser

NVIDIA's cloud gaming service GeForce Now has received beta support for Chrome browser in version 2.0.27, giving subscribers another option for accessing the platform. The new support is different from the ChromeOS support, which has been available for a while, and comes months after similar beta support was added for the Safari browser on Apple's mobile devices.

GeForce NOW is a cloud-based gaming service that gives subscribers access to the games they own on a variety of devices, the support for which has expanded over the past months. Back in August, the platform added support for Chromebooks, meaning you can play PC-tier games on these inexpensive machines.

In the most recent update, NVIDIA said that it has expanded browser support to include Chrome on macOS and Windows, something the company says will 'enable millions more prospective new PC gamers to easily play the latest games' on their machines.

If you want to try the platform on Chrome, you'll need to head over to the play.geforcenow.com website using Google's browser. A quick test of the new support worked perfectly, enabling subscribers to log into their accounts, search for games, and directly click through to play (assuming the game is purchased through one of the supported platforms like Steam).

The website includes a banner encouraging users to download the GeForce NOW app 'for the best experience,' but that's not required. The Chrome browser support also makes it easier to share games with others by directly copying the URL and sending it using a third-party app like Messenger. The full GeForce NOW 2.0.27 patch notes can be found here.