NVIDIA GeForce Experience ShadowPlay Twitch streaming live [UPDATE]

NVIDIA today announced the latest update to GeForce Experience, and it includes full integration with Twitch. The long-awaited feature is called ShadowPlay Twitch streaming. With it you can broadcast your gameplay from the GeForce Experience interface with a hotkey combination and post it to your Twitch account for all the world to see and learn from. The update is optimized for Kepler-based GeForce GTX GPUs.

The update promises to make streaming a breeze, with no performance degradation when used with the aforementioned H.264 hardware encoder-equipped GeForce chip (600 and 700 series). No external capture equipment or software are required with this new update. The 1.8.1 update is available on the GeForce website.

UPDATE: Driver 1.8.1 is now being pushed to machines across the United States if you're not about to tap the button on your own – have at it!

The built-in screen capture functionality does not cap frame rates, and you can set quality to high, medium or low depending on your broadband speed. Audio commentary is also integrated, also accessible in a single move after setup. You can also overlay your webcam output onto the streamed video when broadcasting to Twitch.

Twitch, if you don't know, is the gaming broadcasting community of note. It gathers the gaming world under one roof to share conquests with fellow gamers. NVIDIA and and Twitch worked together on the GeForce Experience update to maximize performance.