NVIDIA drops names of first Fermi video cards -- GTX 470 and GTX 480

Twitter is often a source of leaks and tips that manufacturers have to deal with then it comes to early info on their products getting out. At times, the companies themselves use Twitter to tease us about upcoming products with little tidbits like NVIDIA has tossed out in a tweet today.

NVIDIA has unveiled that the names of the first two GPUs that will ship based on the GF100 Fermi chip will be called the GTX 480 and the GTX 470. Big green offers no hard specs on the cards, but we have heard grumblings that the first cards might show up in March.

We may not know much about these GPUs in particular, but we have most details on Fermi already. Fermi uses 40nm tech and was unveiled at CES last month. The platform will usher in the first DirectX 11 GPU from NVIDIA and are expected to use GDDR5 RAM.