NVIDIA device hits FCC, likely the SHIELD 2

NVIDIA's SHIELD gaming console may be getting an upgrade. A FCC filing suggests SHIELD 2 is in the works, as a controller of some sort has made its way to their facility. Looking a lot like the SHIELD many of us have now, this device might just be the next iteration we've been waiting for.

From the diagram above, you see the form factor — which has many more than us thinking this could be the new SHIELD. NVIDIA's chief has said the next gaming device from them is currently in the works, and this definitely looks the part. Other news — though nothing learned via the FCC filing — suggests the new SHIELD will run the latest Tegra K1 SoC, and lean on the Unreal Engine.

Compared to the current model, we see the new device in front of the FCC is a touch slimmer, with the screen hinge looking to more incorporated into the device. The trigger buttons have also moved higher up on the handheld, suggesting the screen will move much closer to the hand. A redesigned curvature likely aims to provide comfort during long gaming sessions.

We should point out the new device hasn't yet been made official, so this is technically speculative. NVIDIA's original Shield went through several iterations, but that was a first generation device. If this is the follow-up, the company likely has a much better idea of just what they are doing this time around.

Source: FCC

Via: Liliputing