NuShelf Mounts for Mac mini computers launch at Newer Technology

Newer Technology has announced that it has some new accessories for Mac mini users. The new accessories are shelves that fit under the desk to hold your 2010 Mac mini computer or the older mini design. The shelves are called the NuShelf and there are three different models of the shelf.

One of the versions is the NuShelf for Mac mini and it fits the pre 2010 update mini computers and sells for $27.99. The NuShelf Mount for 2010 Mac mini is designed to work with the newest mini in the line. A Dual Mount for 2010 Mac mini is also available and is designed to hold a pair of the small desktop computers.

All three of the versions are designed to do the same thing. They mount to the underside of your desk so that you don't loss any desktop space to your mini. The NuShelf for the old minis sells for $27.99, the single 2010 mini holder is $39.94, and the dual 2010 mini NuShelf is $44.95. All three versions are made from 3/16" PETG thermoplastic and are laser cut.