Nurugo Micro: a 400x microscope for smartphones

Nurugo has introduced the Nurugo Micro, a small attachment that fits over a smartphone's camera, transforming it into a 400x microscope. With it, users are able to see microscopic details using their phone's built-in camera, presenting a low-cost and highly portable way for students, researchers in the field, and more to gather images.

The microscope attachment offers up to 400x magnification (as low as 18x depending on phone model), and is small enough that it can remain attached to the phone when it is stowed away in a pocket or purse. Likewise, the microscope doesn't require any power, essentially serving as a lens over the camera.

The lens fixes to a smartphone using a simple clip. Other features include a fixing ring for illuminating the subject, a light guide for keeping the shadows at bay, and a focus guide for manually adjusting the attachment's focus. Because the microscope works with the phone's regular camera, it can also be used to record videos.

Nurugo sought $50,000 in funding on Kickstarter, where it has so far raised more than $150,000 with 11 days remaining in the campaign. While the early bird units have been claimed, Nurugo Micro units are still available for a $39 USD pledge. If all goes as planned, shipping will start in May of this year.

SOURCE: Kickstarter