Numskull launches official PlayStation VR storage stand

If you count yourself among PlayStation VR's early adopters, you may want to have a look at this new stand Numskull. VR headsets can be tough to store, since the fact that they're made to sit on your head gives them a somewhat bulky and awkward design. Stands like these have been one of the better solutions, but this has the distinction of being officially licensed by Sony.

Numskull has announced a £30 price tag for this stand. That price point is similar to that of other stands, but what does that kind of money get you here? Some of Numskull's big talking points include the stand's "Premium quality obsidian head," its chrome base, the fact that it's adjustable, and a Velcro strap you can use to secure your PSVR's cable.

That's not bad, but it also seems that Numskull is banking on this being an official PlayStation product to move some units. Some of the stand's more notable features are on display in a brief trailer you see below. Sure, it's not the most exciting video you're likely to come across, but hey, it's been than plain old product pictures, right?

At the end of it all, it doesn't seem all that likely that this will become the premiere PSVR stand. Stands that store your headset effectively and charge your Move controllers exist, and they don't cost much more than the stand you see here. A few of them are officially licensed PlayStation products as well, taking away an edge that this stand has.

Still, without charging docks, the footprint of this stand is quite a bit smaller than those others ones, which could be an advantage. For the moment, it looks like this stand is only available in the UK, but perhaps Sony and Numskull will bring it stateside if it finds success there. If this looks like the PSVR storage solution for you, you can pick it up via the source link below.

SOURCE: Numskull