NuDown NuTech jacket insulates using air

A typical jacket that is used in cold weather is filled with down or something called Primaloft. The catch with jackets that use either of those materials for insulation is that the jackets tend to be puffy and bulky. A company called NuDown has unveiled a new jacket that is available for men and women that is very thin and uses air as the insulation material.

The jacket is designed so that as the day warms or cools you can put more air into the bladder system or remove air from it and vary the warmth of the jacket. Keeping your body perfectly regulated is something that is very important when you are active in cooler climates.

In the pocket of the jacket is a small air pump similar to what you would find on a blood pressure monitor. You can squeeze the bulb with your hand to add more air and press a release valve to remove air. The company claims that a single squeeze on the bulb ups body temperature by 1 degree.

For very cold days in the 20F range, argon canisters are available with an adapter kit. NuDown claims that 20 pumps with air will keep you warm on slightly chilly days with 30-40 pumps keeping you toasty in cold winter weather. The NuTech jackets aren't exactly cheap at $400 to $600 each. The new jackets are said to have a different look than the older models pictured here. No product shots of the new models are available at this time.

SOURCE: Gizmag