nubia Z20 is bringing its dual-screen to the US

We've seen all sorts of solutions to the problem of relocating the front camera to make room for more screen. There are popups and flips and even holes in the screen. But while we await that fabled camera-in-display tech, there is one solution that is both the simplest but the oddest one of all: removing the front camera entirely. That is what the nubia Z20 proposes by having screens both front and back. And, fortunately, it's one of the most affordable solutions as well.

It's hardly the first to come up with such a product but nubia is giving the dual-screen concept what is probably its best representation. Unlike the YotaPhone or the odd Meizu Pro 7, the nubia Z20 is putting a full, though a bit short, 5.1-inch 2340x1080 AMOLED touch screen on the back. That way, you can even use the back side as the main screen if you want and only flip to the real 6.42-inch 2340x1080 (notice the same resolution?) AMOLED front display when you need more real estate.

Unlike the Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition, which is probably its closest relative, the nubia Z20 is able to offer the most specs in the market. That not only applies to the Snapdragon 855+ with 8 GB of RAM and massive 4,000 mAh battery. It also applies to the three cameras on the back that will also be your three cameras on the front.

There's the now-popular 48 megapixel main camera that may very well be the same Quad-Bayer sensor on most high-end phones. That's accompanied by a 16 megapixel ultra-wide-angle shooter with a 122.2-degree field of view and an 8 megapixel telephoto with 3x optical zoom. That hardware is boosted by features such as HDR10, 8K UHD support, and Super Night Mode.

The theoretical problem with such dual-screen phones is the price of adding a second screen. Theoretical because nubia is offering the nubia Z20 for just $549, nearly half the price of equivalent flagship phones with only one screen and a single front camera with lower capabilities than those on the back. Better yet, consumers in the US need not feel left out, as the nubia Z20 is available now on the company's online store, in colors of Twilight Blue and Diamond Black.