nubia Red Magic 3's internal fan might not be its only strength

Gaming smartphones is one of the niche trends in the mobile market these days and, depending on when you ask Razer, it's a profitable one as well. Each one has their own gimmick in trying to convince buyers that they can offer a lot more than equivalent high-end phones that are just as powerful. The nubia Red Magic 3 probably takes the cake with an actual cooling fan inside. Fortunately, the usual durability test shows it isn't its only superpower.

These gaming phones are often built like a tank and the Red Magic 3 is no different. It performs well on the scratch test just like any other smartphones with the screen scratching with a Mohs level 6 pick. Most of the surfaces are metal and while the fingerprint scanner on the back does scratch easily, it continues to function perfectly anyway.

The burn test was useless as always but also curious this time around. The screen pulsed white at the burn site but returned to normal after the heat was taken away. Unfortunately, unlike some newer OLED screens, the white ghost mark became a permanent design.

The bend test gave a brief shock when a cracking sound was heard on the first try. Nothing broke but the screen and the body did decide to separate but remain civil. Hopefully, nothing inside was broken either, like that fan.

We'll have to wait for JerryRigEverything's teardown to finally see what makes that fan tick but, for now, the Red Magic 3 is a clear super-powered phone. But like many superheroes, it does have one weakness. Thanks to that fan and all those cooling vents, this phone isn't one you'd risk taking near water at all.