NUads and Kinect make TV advertisements interactive

I think I am like most people in saying that overall, I really loathe ads on TV. I rarely watch them thanks to my DVR. I see more ads on my computer than anywhere and especially on Hulu and Netflix where I have to watch them. One way that I will watch ads and commercials on TVs is if they grab my attention while zipping though DVR fast forward. A new type of add is being shown off that uses the Xbox Kinect device called NUads.

These ads are very cool and use the Kinect to allow TV advertising that is interactive. For instance if you watch a cool commercial on TV that you want to share with your pals you can tell the Kinect using voice commands "Xbox Tweet" and you can automatically tweet the commercial to share it. I'm not big on Twitter so the more interesting functions of the NUads for me comes in the other features that allow you to get more information on the products and offerings in the commercial.

The NUads system allows you to get more details on something by saying "Xbox more." The Xbox will then shoot other information about that offering in the commercial to your inbox along with coupons to get you to purchase. The commercials I most often watch though are the ones for movies and for TV shows that interest me. You can say "Xbox Schedule" and the Xbox will send you a calendar reminder to record the show. I'd also like to see the system be able to get me movie times for flicks that look cool and just have it set the DVR to record. The system will also tell you where you can go to get products locally by saying "Xbox near me." I like the idea of this interactive ad system, what do you think?

[via Microsoft Advertising]