NTT RedTacton turns you into a giant card for swiping

James Allan Brady - Feb 25, 2008

Basically what this little card does is transmit its signal through your body, clothing, whatever it has direct contact with. That means you could open doors, use printers, and other such tasks without actually having to pull out your card and swipe it.

You could even open a door by just stepping on the rug in front of it or touching the door handle as you go to open it, depending on how you rig up the readers. I’d say that it could be used with your vehicle, but proximity unlocking/starting key fobs are old hack so not much of an advancement there.

Its not as insecure as RFID, but it works along the same lines and offers similar conveniences. NTT says they even picture it being used in doctor’s offices to transmit patient data as the doctor or nurse examine you, meaning it could be transferred to another device via another human, just imaging exchanging digital business cards by simply shaking hands, god knows CES would have been a lot easier if that had been the case.

[via Gizmodo]

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