NSA website goes down for reasons unknown

The NSA has been a big source of controversy this year, having been responsible for a variety of spying activities both domestically and abroad. The agency's activities were brought to light in several Edward Snowden leaks, among others, and the legality of such measures have been the source of much public discussion. Now the tables have turned a bit, with the agency's website going down today. The reasons for the outage are unknown, but the agency says it wasn't caused by hacking.

The website is still down as of the writing of this article, having been down for over an hour at this point. The reason for the outage isn't known, but some have misconstrued a statement made on Twitter by Anonymous to mean the hacking collective is responsible. Said the tweet: "Dear National Security Agency #NSA, Lesson #1: If you spy on us, we are coming for you! #Anonymous: Site DowN."

Not surprisingly, speculation abounds about the cause of the website going down. The NSA is saying that it is looking into the matter and that cause isn't hacking activities, but some are doubtful of those claims. Speculation includes things like foreign governments taking at the website as retribution for revealed spying activities, and even Kim Dotcom due to a coincidence in timing between the outage and an anti-NSA tweet.

And, of course, it is possible that something of a technical nature has just gone awry causing a server problem. Until the NSA releases an official cause (or a leaker surfaces), the reason stays the stuff of speculation. As always, we'll let you know when more information arises, but until then check out our NSA portal to find out other happenings on the agency.