Now you can even play as Ryan Reynolds in Fortnite

Ryan Reynolds' new movie, Free Guy, comes out tomorrow, and since that movie is about a man who discovers that he's an NPC in an open-world game, there will definitely be some video game cross-promotion going on. Today, Epic Games announced that Fortnite will be one of those cross-promotion partners, as it will be adding a Free Guy outfit featuring a shirtless Ryan Reynolds and a new emote that players can unlock by completing challenges.

As far as crossovers go, this one is fairly basic. There's a series of Free Guy-themed quests that players will need to complete, and they'll do that by visiting ATMs scattered around Fortnite's map and following Guy's instructions. While Guy is an NPC in the movie, you won't actually see him show up as an NPC in Fortnite (Epic says he's too busy trying to save Free City), so ATMs will be our quest givers instead.

When you've completed all of Guy's quests, you'll unlock The Good Guy Emote, which features Ryan Reynolds saying, "Don't have a good day; have a great day" – one of Guy's catchphrases from the movie. Epic says that the emote will be fully localized in-game, so you'll even get to hear Guy say his catchphrase in multiple languages.

There's also a Guy outfit launching in Fortnite as part of this crossover. Unfortunately, it looks like the only way to get it is through the item shop, with Epic saying it'll go live in the game at 8 PM EDT tonight. You can see what the outfit looks like in the header image for this very article.

We don't know how long the Guy outfit will be available in the shop, but Epic says that the quests will be available from August 12th (which is today for those who may not have a calendar handy) until September 6th, giving you most of a month to complete them.