Novo Minoru is the first 3D webcam for use with your old 3D glasses

Now I know there are still a few of those old time blue and red 3D image fanatics left out there. Novo has not forgotten about this portion of the population, in fact they have just released the Novo Minoru – the world's first 3D webcam. Yes its time to dust off the old cardboard glasses.

According to developer PDT, minoru is reality in Japanese. The whole aim of this webcam is to capture a more realistic stream of video than the regular 2D images we are so use to. This idea though has a couple of problem that may have been over looked. Think back to the days when 3D movies just came out, after the movie your head and eyes would be killing you. Now imagine all that confusion in slower frame-by-frame motion, just thinking about this makes me sick.

In order to create such an image the Minoru webcam is equipped with two difference lenses. The cam itself was market to be very cute, instead your getting an odd robot hanging from the back of your laptop. There are also two microphones located in its "ears," but if you prefer you can use your computers built-in microphone.  Good news for those of you who would like to try it, your pocketbook wont feel the pain because it only costs £50.