Novint Falcon force feedback controller makes actions feel real

Sure, you might think you have seen this before, and you would almost be right. Chances are what you actually saw was a version of this device that costs a ton more.

This model however, the Novint Falcon, costs a fair bit less and more or less does the same stuff. Not only can you work within a 3D space with this controller, but you can play games and they feel real. Like there is a "launch the chicken" game where you pull back and then release, basically stretching out the chicken like a rubber band, and as such, the further you pull back, the more resistant the controller gets.

So sure it could be fun, and sure its cheaper than its $1k+ predecessor, but its still really expensive for a simple gaming controller. $239 is just too much for something like this, I mean a Nintendo Wii is only $10 more.

Meet the Novint Falcon: the craziest force-feedback controller we've ever played with [via ars technica]