November Xbox One Update brings Xbox 360 game support

November marks one of the most anticipated updates yet for the Xbox One game console. The big new feature that the update will add to the Xbox One console is the ability to play Xbox 360 video games on the Xbox One at no additional cost. This is a big deal for gamers who have Xbox 360 games left and a dead Xbox 360 console.

The update will also bring with it several other updates aimed at making gaming on the Xbox One more social. The New Xbox One Experience will land with the update and is powered by Windows 10. Microsoft says that games will be able to get popular gaming features running 50% faster than before.

A new guide is coming in the update to make accessing essential features a one button task to save time getting in and out of apps. A double tap of the Xbox button will bring the new guide up giving access to Friends, Settings, notifications and more.

Home is being redesigned to make access faster and easier and a new Community section is being added to make the Xbox One more social. The Community section is optimized to let you see what other gamers are doing.

OneGuide is being revamped to be a destination for TV, movies, and video. The store is also being optimized to make finding content easier. Preview members will have access over the next few weeks in a staggered roll out starting with users who give the most feedback.