NOVA 3 official gameplay trailer released

Gameloft has just released the official gameplay trailer for the upcoming NOVA 3, which was teased last week. This sequel to the popular first-person iOS shooter game will make major improvements on the visuals with dynamic lighting and a real physics engine. It will also take advantage of the new iPad's super high-resolution Retina display.

NOVA 3 follows the hero, Kal Wardin, in a fight against extraterrestrial invaders. He will be traveling to the abandoned city of San Francisco as well as to a number of alien planets. This latest sequel will introduce iron sights and aim assistance along with the ability to slow down time for more accurate aiming.

The multiplayer mode will now allow for playable vehicles online, letting multiple players use a mech, jetpack, and war buggy simultaneously. There will also more customization options and in-app purchases. The game is expected to arrive for the iPhone, iPad, and Android in May, while the Xperia-Play version will be released shortly thereafter.

[via Android Community]