Notput music table helps students learn to read music

When I was in first grade, I thought it would be really cool to learn to play the guitar. I went to about four lessons before I realized that I couldn't just pick up an electric guitar and learning an instrument was a lot like going to school. The hardest part was learning to read music. If I had had the Notput music table, I probably still would have quit lessons, but at least I might have learned to read music.

The Notput table is a large backlit table with some tech gear inside and a bunch of musical symbols and musical notes. As the student places the notes and symbols on the table, the table plays the sound the note would make.

Each music note is a wooden symbol with electronics on back and whole, half, and quarter notes each way different amounts giving another way for students to tell them apart. The Notput is a proof of concept right now, but the thing is pretty darn cool.