Notion Ink Adam Pre-Orders Continuing Soon...For Commenters and Fans

Notion Ink places a lot of stock in their relationship with their fans. The first stage of pre-orders was initially open only to people who had commented on the company blog before a certain date. Now the next stage of pre-orders is set to begin. Notion Ink is only waiting for Mastercard to finish setting up in their system.

All new Adams will come with an update installed to deal with the bricking problem suffered by the earliest models.

Rohan also revealed today that Notion Ink has the first batch of Adam 2 info ready for a release. The product itself will be due in 9 to 15 months. He closes off the blurb by saying, "This time, we will make it with you!"

So it sounds like the new Adam will be a more collaborative effort. Notion Ink is certainly dedicated to keeping a focus on their 'loyal' customers. Early access to pre-orders will go out to members of the NotionAddicts, Notion InkFan and NotionInk Hacks websites, as well as all people who commented before January 22.

[Via Android Community]