Notion Ink Adam gets teardown treatment at FCC

When it comes to gadgets that hit the market you can count on some taking a shiny new toy and tearing it apart to document what it looks like on the inside and share that teardown with the rest of us. Often the first glimpse at teardown pics we see come by way of the FCC.

Earlier this month when the Notion Ink Adam tablet finally cleared the FCC and started to ship we hadn't see any of the pics of the innards of the Android tablet we expect from the FCC. Those pics have now surfaced and looking at the inside of the tablet is a stark contrast to the sleek and high-quality internal construction for say an iPad or Galaxy Tab.

Engadget reckons that some of the connections were actually made by hand and that the less than stellar build quality might signal build quality issues in the future. I'm not really one that cares what the thing looks like on the inside as long as it works. I would bet most of you are the same. Still, does the suspect build quality turn you off from the Adam?

Via Android Community