Norton AntiVirus 2009 Gaming Edition uses less memory

If you're an avid PC gamer, then you know what it's like to be online a lot and run into malware and viruses. In order to combat these problems, you probably pick up an anti-virus software, but it uses so much room and acts as such a memory hog, it takes the fun out of gaming. It's truly a predicament. That's why Norton has come up with the Norton AntiVirus 2009 Gaming Edition of their famous software.

This new release uses 80% less memory than your average antivirus software. In fact, it gives you the the option to lower the security parameters, making it so it uses even less memory and your gaming experience is elevated.

In addition to these perks, there is a Gamers Mode that puts a halt to downloading updates automatically so you don't have a sudden latency issue in the middle of an epic battle! Antiviral notifications are also put on hold while in this mode.