North Korea GPS jamming affecting civilians in and out of South Korea

The incredible and completely unnecessary technology that North Korea is using to block GPS signals within the country is having effects that are felt outside the boundaries of the mysterious nation, according to statements from South Korean officials. The bordering country says that although those GPS-jamming signals are having impacts on civilian and government flights out of South Korea, citizens are not in any danger.

The Korea Communications Commission, an official stage agency in South Korea, said that it had been working to determine where the GPS scrambling was coming from and, not surprisingly, officials "confirmed the GPS jamming signals have been stemming from the Norh," according to a statement from deputy director Lee Kyung Woo. Dealing with problems from its northern neighbor has been a part of South Korea's history since its inception.

However, "Despite disruption in GPS, there is no serious threat to the safety of flights because planes are using other navigation devices," Ministry director Kim Choon Oh was quoted by the AFP as saying. The country said that since last Saturday, more than 250 flights had been affected, but luckily they are able to navigate without a traditional GPS signal. There is no indication that tensions between North Korea and South Korea will slow down.

[via Fox News]