Nook Tablet and Color get new official apps

Not long ago Barnes & Noble issued a firmware update that blocked the ability for users of their Nook Color and Tablet to load unofficial apps onto the devices. That was a bummer for sure. I'm not sure if this will make up for it to many users of the devices, but B&N has announced that it has some new official apps to add to the mix for the Nook Tablet and Color.

The apps already available for download include Scrabble single user, Office Gamebox, Rock 'Em sock 'Em Robots, Jeopardy!, Wreck this App, Magic 8 Ball, and Doodle Jump Christmas. The new app for users of the devices include Words with Friends. There are more popular apps coming soon as well according to B&N.

The apps that will be added next include Twitter and Plants vs. Zombies. It's too bad that the real Android Market is blocked. I hate to see the app choices limited to only a handful that are approved. Lots of other content is coming to the B&N Android devices including books and more.