NOOK Simple Touch released in UK, NOOK HD and HD+ available for pre-order

While the device may be old news for those living in the states, Barnes & Noble's NOOK Simple Touch is now available for those who live across the pond in the UK. The regular model, as well as the Glowlight model, are now available to purchase. Plus, the UK can now also pre-order the NOOK HD and the NOOK HD+, which is set to arrive late next month.

Retailers such as John Lewis, Sainsbury's, and if course Barnes & Noble's own site are now officially stocked up on NOOK Simple Touch ereaders. The regular model is priced at £79, while the Glowlight model (which has a front-lit display) will cost you £109. Those who purchase the device will have access to Barnes & Noble's 2.5 million ebooks.

The company is also bringing their NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ over to the UK starting in late-November, but they're available to pre-order online right now. The NOOK HD is a 7-inch tablet, while the NOOK HD+ comes with two more inches of screen real estate for those who want a bigger display. The NOOK HD will cost £159, and £229 will get you the NOOK HD+.

If you're looking for a cheap, simple ereader, the NOOK Simple Touch is about as basic as it gets. We really like the Glowlight model, but the regular $99 model is a steal. It can store around 1,000 ebooks, but the microSD card slot makes it easy to upgrade storage space. Plus, the battery can last for up to two months.