Nook Color hacked to run MeeGo

The Nook Color eReader from Barnes & Noble started out life as a color screen reader that would let people read with full color images and such. The cool thing about the Nook Color was that it runs Android and that OS opened the doors for all sorts of cool hacks to surface including some for new versions of Android and a lot more. For instance, you can get Android 3.0 on the Nook Color if you want using available hacks.

The Nook has also been officially updated to support email and all sorts of other features as well. The latest hack for the Nook Color to surface is a nice one. This hack allows the tablet to run the MeeGo OS. You remember MeeGo, the OS that Nokia pretty much abandoned in favor of Windows Phone 7. You can check out the video at the bottom to see the hack in action.

I am sure this is far from the last hack for the Nook Color we will see. What do you think? Will you put MeeGo on your Nook Color and give it a go? If you do this hack be sure you let us know how it goes and how difficult it is to apply the new OS.

[via Meegoexperts]