NOOK Back-To-School Sale Offers $100 Worth Of Free Books, Study Guides

Barnes & Noble has begun a back-to-school promotion for its NOOK e-reader that offers customers $100 worth of free books and study guides. The offer is available only to new purchases of the All-New NOOK, the NOOK Color, or the 1st Edition NOOK between now and September 12. Customers must register before October 31 to qualify.

The $100 worth of free books, however, is limited to 12 classics, which include "A Tale of Two Cities," "Beowulf," and "Crime and Punishment." The study guides include those from Spark Notes, which offers companions for popular titles such as "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows."

Additionally, there are free NOOK Study Guides to choose from such as "50 Survival Tips: How to Win at College." And if you purchase a NOOK Color, you can also select from specialty apps like Fliq Notes, Fliq Tasks, Nook Word of the Day, and Pulse News.

The majority of the books and apps offered can be had for free, so this isn't quite as sweet of a deal, but it does package things together conveniently for students to get all the classics and study guides they need for the school year in one fell swoop.

[via Barnes & Noble]