NokiaSiemensNetworks 4G network tested above 100Mbps

NokiaSiemensNetworks took their LTE-based 4G network for a test drive and it worked well. In fact, it went so well that they even at distances up to several hundred meters away they were still getting over 100Mbps speeds.

They tested the technology in an urban environment that actually wasn't ideal for the technology to work in, and it still worked quite well. This apparently means they are going to start moving their tech out of the labs.

Here everyone was thinking that WiMAX would be the only 4G technology, and then LTE creeps up and not only offers a second option, but judging by these tests, a better option, that's got to hurt. Although looking at the market, Intel and WiMAX are pulling a Microsoft Xbox 360, they must figure if they get out the door a full year+ before their competitor they can win, but we are seeing how well that's going.

4G network constantly above 100Mbps in tests [via ubergizmo]