Nokia to offer only one Maemo handset in 2010?

There have been a number of rumors flying around that have to do with Nokia and the Maemo operating system that is based on Linux. The rumors have Nokia moving to Maemo rather than Symbian for its high-end smartphones. Nokia has said that statement was premature in the past.Reuters reports today that a source close to Nokia has said that next year Nokia will offer only one device running Maemo. Nokia has only said that it will not comment on future products. If this is accurate, it could mean one of two things. First, perhaps Nokia is simply not moving to Maemo and its devices will continue to run Symbian for the most part.

The other option is that perhaps Nokia is simply not planning to release many high-end devices. The company has already cut hundreds of R&D employees around the globe so a corresponding reduction in new products would be expected. Nokia has said that it remains firmly committed to Symbian.